Rules of the fair

  • At the area of ​​the fair, you can ask questions about the appointed supervisor.
  • Organizers provide tables and chairs.
  • If the seller needs any other service (water, electricity, etc.), please advise in the comment box when registering.
  • After registration, please send any changes or requests to the e-mail address.
  • The organizers do not provide cloths for tables because the fire department does not allow them to fire!
  • The trader accepts and respects the commercial laws of Hungary. (Invoicing, etc ….)
  • For the origin and the originality of the models sold in the bucket, the trader must take responsibility.
  • It is forbidden to sell a copy / counterfeit of a copyrighted product at the fair’s area.
  • It is forbidden to enter and sell any firearm, barrel, knives, explosive.
  • The organizers do not provide guarding at the venue, so they do not take responsibility for the goods or objects what sellers left at the fair.
  • Selling autocracy symbols at the fair is forbidden!
  • The organizers reserve the right to designate tables.
  • Before the announcement of the results on Sunday, it is only possible to leave the fair in exceptional cases, with the permission of the organizers.
  • Any breach of the rules will result in immediate termination of the sale and further legal consequences.
  • Organizers allowed to check the eligibility of discounts at any time by the organizers, and may, if appropriate, discard them.

By registering, this policy is considered to be accepted by the seller.