Fair informations

In connection with the event, we ensure to sell, buy, exchange scale-models for registered sellers. Anyone can freely register on the fair (depending on the available places) after giving personal information, The Bolyai Scale-modell Club and Association will conclude an annual lease agreement with each person for the duration of the event.

We will ask all sellers to register on the Fair registration page. Tables are issued by order of arrival. We only have only certain number of tables, so it is possible that we can’t issue table for the late registrants.

The application will be start soon!

After this date we can not accept any registration requests.
Registering a place of sale is only possible from the registration page. We can’t accept your request at the venue.

We’re contracting with every seller. They should be printed in 2 copies and signed at the event.

Fair’s tables prices:

200*50*75cm (LxWxH) table:
10 000Ft/p

65*65*70cm (LxWxH) table:
3 000Ft/p

(Table sizes may vary slightly!)

Ticket buying is not required!